CEO the Cavalier King Charles SpanielCavalier King Charles Spaniel Ch. Jewelcroft's CEO

Ch. Jewelcroft's CEO. A classic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in every way. Sporting, fearless, intelligent. Exhibiting outstanding health. Structurally perfect with smooth top line, solid bone, wrapped up in a luxuriant, yet mat resistant, coat.

Like all great Cavaliers CEO has a sweet pensive expression to match his loving temperament.

CEO comes from one of Ontario's top Cavalier breeders, Jewelcroft, which adheres to a strict health testing regimen. Anyone searching for top notch Cavalier puppies ought to contact them.

Weigh all the facts on the table and decide for yourself. We believe you will agree, all things considered, CEO ranks at the top of the pack.

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Swimming takes lots of concentration.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jewelcroft's CEO: Support your local (or national) Cavalier club.

Support your local (or national) Cavalier club.

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Membership dues are usually modest and can be well worth it.