CEO the Cavalier King Charles SpanielCavalier King Charles Spaniel Ch. Jewelcroft's CEO

Ch. Jewelcroft's CEO. A classic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in every way. Sporting, fearless, intelligent. Exhibiting outstanding health. Structurally perfect with smooth top line, solid bone, wrapped up in a luxuriant, yet mat resistant, coat.

Like all great Cavaliers CEO has a sweet pensive expression to match his loving temperament.

CEO comes from one of Ontario's top Cavalier breeders, Jewelcroft, which adheres to a strict health testing regimen. Anyone searching for top notch Cavalier puppies ought to contact them.

Weigh all the facts on the table and decide for yourself. We believe you will agree, all things considered, CEO ranks at the top of the pack.

We hope you enjoy the information and articles on this site. Visit our photo page for high quality stock photo images & videos of CEO and his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel friends.

DNA double helix

Genetically tested and cleared for your peace of mind

Episodic falling syndrome (EFS) and dry eye/curly coat are congenital diseases afflicting some Cavaliers. Recently developed DNA tests now can determine whether a dog has the disease or carries gene mutations.

According to a May 2012 DNA testing report, sampling 2,811 Cavaliers, 21.52% carried the EFS gene defect. Another test report conducted at the same time found 8.027% carried the dry eye/curly coat gene defect.

CEO was tested and cleared of both genetic mutations. In both cases CEO was found to have two normal copies of DNA and therefore 100% free of these hereditary diseases. No CEO progeny can develop either condition.

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Dry eye syndrome

Curly coat syndrome

Episodic falling syndrome


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel health

Must you compromise good looks for good health? Absolutely not. CEO proves you can indeed have it all in one package. CEO has been extensively screened

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jewelcroft's CEO has sharp clear eyes, silky fur, fluffy slippers and voluminous ear fringes

Sharp clear eyes, silky fur, fluffy slippers and voluminous ear fringes

for health problems such as episodic falling syndrome, dry eye/curly coat, MVD, syringomyelia, and more.

The heart of the matter

Cavaliers have loving hearts, but not all have strong hearts, Mitral valve disease (MVD) remains the leading cause of premature death in the breed. By age 5 50% of Cavaliers will have developed MVD. By age 10, almost all Cavaliers will have some symptoms. Selecting breeding stock with no

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jewelcroft's CEO sprinting around the 'hood

Sprinting around the 'hood

incidence of MVD or at least late onset MVD will increase the odds of healthy progeny. Geneticists have proposed a protocol where only heart clear dogs 5 years of age and above may breed; or, younger dogs between between 2 1/2 and 5 years old provided both their parents are at least 5 years of age and likewise clear.

Click here for OFA heart clearance

Click here or the document above to view
CEO's most recent heart clearance circa age 7

Puppy buyers and health conscious breeders ought to consider the implications of cherry picking the best 50% of the breeding population. MVD has a strong genetic basis so selectively breeding the top 50 percentile will lead to better health, reduced ownership costs and overall breed improvement. No other

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jewelcroft's CEO relaxing in the autumn leaves

Relaxing in the autumn leaves

disease causes so much heartbreak so insist on acquiring your puppy from heart cleared parents. For more information about MVD click here.

DNA tested for peace of mind

DNA tests can determine if a dog carries mutations responsible for certain diseases, namely, episodic falling syndrome (EFS) and dry eye/curly coat.

While non life threatening, EFS causes a dog to spontaneously stiffen up and fall. In some cases the dog's back legs will cause them to cartwheel head over heels. New research, though inconclusive, points to a blood platelet issue in the brain. Interestingly, whole colour Cavaliers (ruby and black + tan) have a

 Click here for Curly Coat-Dry Eye Syndrome clearanceClick here for Episodic Falling Syndrome clearance
Click here or the documents above to view CEO's DNA test results

higher incidence of EFS than particolours (Blenheim and tri colour). As many as 35% of whole colours carry the mutation with 5.1% clinically afflicted. Only a tiny fraction of particolours (0.3%) develop EFS.

Dry eye and curly coat are related ailments. Dogs with dry eye do not produce tears. A lack of eye lubrication can lead to severe corneal scarring, infection and potential blindness. Dogs with dry eye require lifelong daily medical treatment with eye drops and antibiotics. Curly coat has the same symptoms as dry eye, except more severe. Curly coat has additional, dermatological complications, including seborrhea, characterized by inflammation and excessively oily skin. Teeth, gums, nails, and connective tissues may also be adversely affected. As suggested by the name, dogs with curly coat have unusually frizzy fur from birth. Cavaliers are the only breed known to suffer from curly coat syndrome.

CEO does not carry any defective genes responsible for either episodic falling syndrome or dry eye/curly coat. He has entirely clear and normal DNA. A proposed breeding protocol suggests mating only DNA clear dogs, however, a DNA clear dog may mate with a carrier, provided only clear dogs be used subsequently. In either case, no direct progeny will develop the condition.

Clear vision

Eyes are the window to the soul. CEO's large deep crystal clear pools make looking in all the easier. His last eye checkup was perfectly normal. The only minor issue was a small errant hair growing just inside his eyelid which the doctor graciously plucked out with little fanfare. The tiny hair presented no danger to CEO's eye or vision even if left alone.

Click here for CERF eye clearance

Click here or the document above to view
CEO's most recent eye clearance circa age 7

CEO MRI scanned at age 4 1/2 and asymptomatic

Syringomyelia (SM) does affect some Cavaliers; but, not as many as one might suppose based on the hype. SM, while generally not life threatening, can afflict a dog with severe pain as a result of fluid pressure in the upper spinal cord. The disease tends to manifest early in life. Most Cavaliers (85%) who develop SM do so before age 4. Practically no dogs will develop SM symptoms after age 7. Good breeders MRI breeding stock under 5 years of age to check for evidence of excess spinal fluid. However, experience tells us the presence of fluid does not necessarily lead to symptoms. And conversely, some dogs with zero evidence of spinal fluid may exhibit severe SM like symptoms. At this point, science has not yet determined the clinical utility of MRI testing.

Even so, MRI testing over the long term may help researchers understand what actually causes SM like symptoms. For the time being following the same breeding protocol as suggested with MVD seems to be a logical course of action.

CEO at age 7 has no SM symptoms, nor do his parents, siblings or progeny.

Free of patellar luxation

Luxating patellae--in lay terms--are knee caps that pop out of the socket. This is a heritable condition that causes joint wear, odd gait and lameness. Surgical options exist to correct the problem but dogs with this condition should not be bred. CEO has been tested and has normal patellae.

Click here for OFA patellae clearance

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CEO's OFA patella clearance at age 5 (60 months)

Hip X-ray good after 5 years and over 20,000 km

We were curious to see how CEO's hips were holding up given his age, activity level and high mileage. X-ray images showed CEO's hips have not suffered any more wear and tear than a regular lapdog.

Since Hip dysplasia can affect some Cavaliers we submitted the X-rays to The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for professional evaluation. The OFA reviews hip radiographs and assigns a grade along a continuum. In this case The OFA found CEO's hips to show no evidence of hip dysplasia. The OFA awarded CEO's hip joint conformation with a "good" rating. While The OFA offers an "excellent" rating they consider the difference between "good" and "excellent" slight.

Click here for hip X-ray

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CEO's hip X-ray at age 5 (60 months)

The OFA offers a detailed explanation of their rating system online. Click here for more information. Breeders can also check OFA health test results for CEO and listed relatives here.

Click here for OFA hip clearance

Click here or the document above to view
CEO's hip OFA hip clearance at age 5 (60 months)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jewelcroft's CEO: A healthy dog is your best investment in the long run.

A healthy dog is your best investment in the long run.

The best time to worry about your dog's health? Before you acquire him of course.

Though most people pick out the first puppy they see, the astute dog fancier conducts due diligence ahead of time and therefore stacks the deck in favour of a healthy, happy and economical ownership experience.

Tennis ball

Use this high tech device to test your dog's eyesight

Dogs with an uncanny ability to pluck a ball out of the air cannot have anything but excellent near sight vision and depth perception. Likewise, dogs who can follow a ball far afield clearly have good far sight vision. Following the same logic, you can test a dog's sight at many other distances and lighting conditions.

If balls don't turn on your dog you can try the same with toys or treats. But in our case, CEO definitely loves his tennis ball and that's why we recommend it.

For the record, CEO can pluck a speeding ball out of the air in a darkened room with no difficulty at all.